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Small Business Survival Plan for COVID-19

Some industries may never heal from the damage, while others will move forward looking nothing like they did before.
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No money? No hope? Don’t give up! Your business can survive!

Even if you have totally run out of money and are completely without hope, your business can almost certainly survive the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, you can emerge with a business that is stronger than the business you had before the crisis.

  • Strategy
  • Bill Prioritization
  • New Budget
  • Projected Income Statements
  • Projected Balance Sheets
  • Projected Cash Flow

You have to find the time to create a new plan.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

At this point, it may seem impossible to come up with the time to carefully put together a thoughtful survival plan. But you have to do it. You have to take the time to do it.

Market your business while competition is low

Every business is worried about what a post-coronavirus world will look like. But most can strengthen their chances of survival now.

Change Your Business Model
Look at Processes and Automation
Evaluate Your Team and Remote Efficiency

Helping clients in different sectors or roll out additional services


COVID-19 continues to damage the health of people and businesses, think of the big picture and consider how your business can position itself to help people through this crisis. As a result, you’ll also help get your business through this crisis.

Remote efficiency. Utilize online collaboration tools like, Google Docs, Zoom, and the like to keep things running despite social distancing.