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Incorporation Services

Limit your liability by incorporating your business today.

Incorporation Services

Whether you are currently operating a business or starting a business R.W.A. can assist you to either federally or provincially incorporate your business. Starting at $330 (Incl. filing fees) the rates are very competitive and much lower than incorporating through most lawyers and accountants.

The benefits of incorporating include:

  • Name protection either provincially or federally
  • May be able to borrow funds at lower rates
  • Can raise money by selling shares or bonds
  • Tax rates are generally lower than personal tax rates
  • Shareholders not responsible for corporate debt
  • Distinction between personal and corporate assets
  • Corporations have the same rights as a person. It is its own entity.

If interested, or want further information, please call us at the info below.

“Small businesses are more nimble and innovative than large corporations, and as a result, are much more likely to develop the breakthrough ideas we need for global competitiveness.” – John Delaney