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Business Plans & Report Writing

Our objective is to create business plans and assisting our clients to obtain financing.

Business Plans & Report Writing

When you’re seeking financing from investors, partners, strategic alliances, banks, government grants, private equity firms or venture capitalists, potential landlord approval or government licensing, or wish to expand your business into Canada, the content, appearance and tone must be specifically directed to that audience.

In addition, the structure of a business plan will differ for an existing company desiring to expand, than it will for a merger/acquisition or a start-up. It takes years of experience and knowledge to master this.

As a Consultant, an Entrepreneur and a former Senior Executive over the past 30 years, creating business plans, and assisting the client to obtain financing, has become our primary objective, thus, the consultative aspect of our approach to our clients.

Writing a business plan is as much an art as a science.

We have produced 100’s of business plans and reports in over 40 differing industries, from start-ups to immigrants bringing their businesses to Canada, or multi-million dollar companies. In addition, our clients have successfully raised over $90M in the past 24 months.

We can produce an attractive, positive and meaningful custom business plan or investor deck that will help you to achieve your funding objectives, at very competitive prices, and with the addition of advisory services as part of the package and connections with financial institutions and private investors investment banks when possible.