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Business Optimization Solutions & Decision Making Support


We have successfully solved these problems, and many others, for all sizes of businesses in many industries, and can do the same for your business.

In the day-to-day operation of your business, it is often difficult to find the time and resources to analyze and understand in detail where tangible, quantifiable improvements can be made.

Do you often wonder what products, services, and clients are unprofitable and which are profitable for your business? Is your organization considering making a major change to the business, but unsure of what the results are likely to be?

Are you less than satisfied with your accounting, planning, and budgeting process, and wish it produced a strategic implementation plan to help direct your business where it needs to go?

Do you have concerns your managers and/or segments are not working in concert with one another, and not focused on the overall objectives of the company?

Are you considering to start-up, acquire or expand a business and require assistance in obtaining financing, investment, or government grants?

Business Plans & Report Writing

Writing a business plan is as much an art as a science. Improving the actual business performance is essential to building strong foundations.

Business, Profitability & Turn-around Assessments

The primary service we provide begins with an assessment of the business itself.

Site visit service

We offer a due diligence on-site visit service to investment bankers, venture capitalists, banks and other financial institutions. There is exceptional value in meaningful site inspections.

Advisory Services and Coaching

Assisting new ventures to success is one of the most rewarding services we provide.

Analytical Services & Tools

On a go-forward basis, R.W.A. Management Consulting provides its clients with on-going analytical support.

Start-ups & Expansions

We provide guidance in respect to finance, operations, I.T., and sales and marketing.


We help our clients to adopt an integrated view of their supply chain that supports profitable and effective execution while minimizing the risks. We assist leaders in their search for efficiencies and finance leaders in managing bottom-line objectives.

Customer experience
We help you identify and measure the various products-services interfaces that impact customer lifecycle.
We assist supply chain management and finance leaders in their search for efficiencies in managing objectives.
We define the transformation that leads to performance improvement, clients’ satisfaction, and profitability.
We help you to build stronger competitive advantages by focusing on the business model key elements.

Business Management

We have delivered results for global companies and we can do the same for your business. We work in diverse industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, medicinal cannabis, medical facilities, and many others. We provide end-to-end support from strategy to execution to drive value at every stage.

RWA Pricing

Pricing on business plans varies depending on the industry, location of the business market, and amount of info provided by the client. Active participation by the client is recommended as it improves the quality, is easier for the client to sell it and quickens the process.

Our prices are flexible & can also be an agreed-upon flat fee by project, rather than an hourly rate. Call us today at (778) 889 – 9522 for more information.

Eric Rolheiser
Eric Rolhieser
President, Core-Mark International, Canada & Northern U.S. States

“Several years ago Mr. Evanenko assisted us in turning our Alberta Division into the number 1 division in the company. His analytical work & extreme focus on the company’s profitability was top notch.”

Chi Houron - Owner The Thirsty Maiden
Chi Houron
President & owner, The Thirsty Maiden, Kanata, Ontario

“Rod not only developed a business plan for us, but got involved in assisting us with the lenders, which was above and beyond our agreement. He truly does care about the success of his customers. Our lender, futurepreneur, commented that the business plan was very strong.”

Douglas Epp, Former Senior Director Products and Business Development
Douglas Epp
Former Senior Director Products and Business Development, Fisev-Open Solutions, Calgary, Alberta

“R.W.A. Management Consulting helped us prepare for our acquisition by straightening out our financials, which were in disastrous condition. However, what was most amazing is that due to Rod’s tireless analysis and his recommendations, we started making a profit each and every month. This wasn’t part of what he was contracted to do.”