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Profit & Service Level Improvement

We determined that there were some human resource issues.
Profit & Service Level Improvement Project (Distribution Co)

Although profitable, the revenues and profits of this Toronto, Ontario distributor were sporadic and inconsistent. We determined that there were human resource issues in terms of insufficient and poor selection in staffing, poor management training and that the cost/benefit was clearly in favor of additional headcount. Significant accounting mistakes, lost sales opportunities, increasing mis-picks & shortages, and rapidly increasing dated AR in credit card sales were the major results of insufficient staffing, aside from dramatic headcount turnover which had perpetuated these problems. In addition, purchasing & receiving issues in respect to incoming overages and shortages had a devastating impact on inventory, and a re-evaluation of inventory processes and procedures had to be re-developed and staff retrained to effectively use the technology at their disposal.

Despite increased salary costs, profitability increased by 18% year over year for the final two months of the project, primarily due to revenue increases as a result of improved service to the clients, which was a result of improved morale among the employee’s.

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”
– Vidal Sassoon
R.W.A. Management Consulting has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them restructure, and over the years we’ve helped many of them succeed and prosper by making people the focus of their organization. Here are some tips that can help your company head in the right direction when it comes to your people:
Eric Rolheiser
Eric Rolhieser
President, Core-Mark International, Canada & Northern U.S. States

“Several years ago Mr. Evanenko assisted us in turning our Alberta Division into the number 1 division in the company. His analytical work & extreme focus on the company’s profitability was top notch.”

Chi Houron - Owner The Thirsty Maiden
Chi Houron
President & owner, The Thirsty Maiden, Kanata, Ontario

“Rod not only developed a business plan for us, but got involved in assisting us with the lenders, which was above and beyond our agreement. He truly does care about the success of his customers. Our lender, futurepreneur, commented that the business plan was very strong.”

Douglas Epp, Former Senior Director Products and Business Development
Douglas Epp
Former Senior Director Products and Business Development, Fisev-Open Solutions, Calgary, Alberta

“R.W.A. Management Consulting helped us prepare for our acquisition by straightening out our financials, which were in disastrous condition. However, what was most amazing is that due to Rod’s tireless analysis and his recommendations, we started making a profit each and every month. This wasn’t part of what he was contracted to do.”