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Pre and Post acquisition Project

We helped create a successful acquisition integration plan.
Acquisition Integration Project (Global Payments & Telecommunications Provider)

The Canadian operations of a Calgary, Alberta company were acquired by a Reston, Virginia based data communications company, one of the largest organizations of its type in the world. They had the desire to decentralize the business from previous operations, much in part because of its growing revenues and sales in recent years. The acquiring company engaged R.W.A. Management Consulting to establish an in-house finance department and to ensure that all pre and post-acquisition issues were properly allocated.

In addition, financial statements, budget, and forecast models were established that allowed the parent company to easily consolidate with their other international operations.


Company Name




Business Consulting

Challenge & Solution

By working with the Senior Management Team in Reston, Virginia, we were able to establish a decentralized division that has performed exceptionally well on its own.

We established in-house finance department.
We created budget and forecast models.
We produced all procedural documents for new procedures and processes.

Result Driven

In recent years, this has become a larger component of our overall service offerings. In this instance there are far too many clients on an ongoing basis, in too many industries, to easily provide a specific example. They are all equally important to us.

  • Know your mission
  • Sell to consumer needs
  • Promotions and Inside Scoops
  • Listen, Ask and Act
  • Yes
  • No
R.W.A. Management Consulting has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them restructure, and over the years we’ve helped many of them succeed and prosper by making people the focus of their organization. Here are some tips that can help your company head in the right direction when it comes to your people: