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Acquisition Integration Project

We assisted a California based client integrate their acquisition.
Acquisition Integration Project

We assisted a San Diego, California based client within the I.T. industry to integrate their new acquisition within their global operations. This involved assessing both operations, create procedural documents for unique procedures and processes of the acquired company. We worked with the purchaser and the acquired company’s finance, operations, and sales teams to integrate the best methods of each. Which included tax procedures, balance sheet and financial statement consolidation, sales territory history and performance of the acquired company, and differences in revenue and cost recognition and sources relative to those of the purchaser’s international operations. We advised and implemented a profitability program to sustain and improved the acquired company’s cash-flow.

Simultaneously, with the selling company’s and the acquired company’s agreement, collected pre and post-acquisition AR & AP and disbursed appropriately.


Global I.T.


Data Processing Provider


Business Consulting

Challenge & Solution

Along the way, we provided guidance to the client with respect to finance, operations, I.T., and sales & marketing.

We created all procedural documents for procedures and processes.
Integrate Company’s finance, operations, and sales teams.
Profitability program to sustain and improved cash-flow.

Result Driven

In recent years, this has become a larger component of our overall service offerings. In this instance there are far too many clients on an ongoing basis, in too many industries, to easily provide a specific example. They are all equally important to us.

  • Know your mission
  • Sell to consumer needs
  • Promotions and Inside Scoops
  • Listen, Ask and Act
  • Yes
  • No
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